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The Resilient Lifescience Mission

We are committed to leveraging the power of medical device technology to improve the lives of people living with opioid addiction and their loved ones

Our Story

Brad and Charlie first worked together at Infinitus Systems, a conversational AI company automating phone calls to coordinate patient care.  Charlie led a number of software engineering projects while Brad scaled the operations team to support the company’s growing business.

Brad grew up in small town America and later moved to San Francisco. He’d witnessed the devastation of the opioid epidemic as it impacted friends, classmates, and family. In 2021, the news broke that US annual opioid overdose deaths exceeded 75,000. Brad had previously worked with wearable medical devices and remote patient monitors, and he recognized an opportunity to apply similar technology to the detection and reversal of an overdose.  He pitched the idea to Charlie, who became excited to apply his software engineering expertise to a product that can directly save lives. The two founded Resilient Lifescience in April, 2022, in Pittsburgh, PA.
Brad Holden
Co-founder and CEO
Brad brings medical device experience from GE Healthcare, Edwards Lifesciences, and Spry Health. He holds a B.S. from Carnegie Mellon and an MBA from Harvard.

In addition to his medical device experience, he has technology product and operations experience from Autodesk and Infinitus systems. Brad served as a Marine Corps Officer, leading troops in combat operations.
Charlie ProctorCo-founder and CTO
Charlie is a rockstar software engineer who decided to use his technical chops to take on the opioid epidemic.

He holds a computer science degree from Yale and bring experience from the companies formerly known as Facebook and Google. Generating billions of dollars in revenue is cool and all, but Charlie was excited to work on a product that can directly save lives.

Meet Our Team

Resilient Lifescience's team members and advisors represent decades of experience in medical device development, entrepreneurship, and addiction medicine

Jonathan Birabaharan, MBPA
Research and BizDev
Kelly Clark, MD, MBA (Advisor)
Former President, American Society of Addiction Medicine
President, Addiction Crisis Solutions
Jason Petras (Advisor)
Director of Engineering,
Optimum Design Associates
Maranda Williams, M.D. (Advisor)
Public Health Expert
Knox County Health Department
Kevin Moore, PsyD. (Advisor)
Executive Director, Courage Medicine
Ram Narayanan, PhD (Advisor)
Biomedical algorithm expert
SVP of Product Development, Promaxo
Ankit Jain (Advisor/Investor)
CEO, Infinitus Systems
Angel Investor
Amit Garg (Advisor/Investor)
Managing Partner, Tau Ventures

Our Investors

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