April 2023 Update

We made some great technical progress and began applying for nondilutive funding

Latest Updates

It's a short update this month! March was a busy month with most of our work focused on long-term objectives. The "schematic design" for our custom electronics is complete. We have applied to two non-dilutive funding sources, the NIH's Blueprint MedTech Accelerator and Google’s “AI for the Global Goals” grant.

We've also been featured in two publications!

Medical Device News Magazine

Masimo's Overdose Detection System and OTC Narcan

We've received some great questions about OTC Narcan and Masimo's new overdose detection system recently, and wanted to share our thoughts on how these two developments affect our business.

You can read our thoughts on how these two will affect our development here.

How You Can Help

We’ve talked to some great candidates, and are still hiring for roles in Algorithm, Firmware, and Mechanical Engineering. If you know somebody that might be interested, please share our LinkedIn jobs page with them.

March's Highlight

Brad made a short visit to New York, NY to participate in the DCAT conference, where he met with Naloxone suppliers and contract manufacturers. He also paid a visit to OnPoint NYC in Harlem, one of the only supervised injection facilities in the US. He got to see the incredible work that the team there does to protect people with Opioid Use Disorder from overdose, and have initiated conversations to explore potential research collaboration.

That’s all for this month.  Thanks for your continued support.

Brad + Charlie

Bradford Holden
Charlie Proctor
April 1, 2023
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