June 2023 Update

The Resilient team moved offices and received some great publicity in June

Latest updates

Brad on David Meltzer’s “Office Hours” Podcast

Team update

We now have two rockstar mechanical engineering interns on board for the summer:

Kevin Chou is pursuing his Masters degree in Computational Design and Manufacturing at Carnegie Mellon. He will be working on early versions of our autoinjector system this summer.

Cara Rossetti is pursuing a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in computer science and studio arts at University of Pittsburgh. She is focused on developing the prototype cases, measurement systems, and protocol for our upcoming human subject research.

How you can help

We’re actively seeking opportunities with US counties to pilot our prototype devices at the population level. If you know anybody that is involved in state or county programs focused on opioid abatement or harm reduction, we’d greatly appreciate an introduction.

May's highlight

In just two weeks of work, our interns have made fantastic progress (and some cool stuff!)

3D Printed Prototypes

Cara’s 3D print for an iteration of our case for the feasibility study (left). Kevin’s versions 1 (center) and 2 (right) for spring-loaded needle delivery system concepts.

That’s all for this month. Thanks for your continued support.

Brad + Charlie

Bradford Holden
Charlie Proctor
June 1, 2023
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