March 2023 Update

Technical progress and some early testing results

March 2023 Resilient Newsletter

Latest Updates

February was a busy month for us!

How You Can Help

If you’re familiar with any family offices or angel investors that are passionate about the opioid epidemic, let us know, we’d love to meet them.

We’re hiring for a few roles now! If you know an algorithm engineer, firmware engineer, or mechanical engineer that might be interested, please share our Linkedin jobs page with them.

February's Highlight

This month, we tested a new iteration of our sensor system for detecting oxygen saturation. Our early tests show a strong correlation between between the raw data from the sensors and the wearer’s O2 Sat.

Rendering and physical prototype of the latest sensor device

Raw data from our sensor (orange) alongside measured SpO2 from a reference pulse oximeter. The two values are meant to be negatively correlated, which shows quite clearly in this image.

That’s all for this month.  Thanks for your continued support!

Brad + Charlie

Bradford Holden
Charlie Proctor
March 1, 2023
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